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With over 100,000 social media followers combined I have been in and amongst the fitness industry for 8 years, represented brands as an athlete to even establishing my very own business. My passion is and always has been helping as many people as I can not only live a healthy balanced life but create a lifestyle from it. I have clients ranging from 34 countries across the planet and I do not intend to stop there, wether it be weight loss, building muscle or improving overall fitness and health I have a vast knowledge and certifications to match.

The structure of my business has been built off helping people living a low budget lifestyle that may not be able to afford the face to face contact and teaching of a personal trainer, instead I can offer an extremely personal service with my fitness app and connect with me like never before!

Mike Paul Fitness App

All on-going plan purchases are accessed through my personal App that I created just for my clients to experience fitness in a new and enjoyable way. The App download is free once you have made a product purchase and is both Iphone and Android friendly. The app also integrates with MyFitnessPal and Fitbit allowing me to track your every move and as a result get you the best results I can!






Camerons Testimonial

" I signed up for Mike's SHRED program and can strongly recommend anyone wanting to lose weight or transform their body to sign up! The meal plans were designed around foods that I enjoy and the training program was customised according to the amount of time I could commit to the gym. I seen results almost instantly within the first weeks even though I have a demanding job and family life. Mike was always there to answer any questions and also to make any sudden changes that I needed within my plan".

Lisa's Testimonial

"Mike is dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. I know that I would have never achieved this level of fitness at my age (38) if not for Mikes vast knowledge and personalised programs. The programs change regularly, are challenging and FUN! The automatic payments also make it a very easy process!".

Jame's Testimonial

" I have had previous bad experiences with online trainers but after talking to Mike for a while I decided to give it one more go! That was over 6 months ago now! Mike is not only one of the most down to earth guys in the fitness industry but he also has his heart in his work, not once have I been left in the dark with my programs. I HIGHLY recommend his services."