Welcome to Mike Paul Fitness subscription training programs! This exciting NEW feature enables anyone in the world to access weekly training routines on a very low budget! 
No more going to the gym and not knowing what to train or how to train! How this service works is by giving you subscription access to weekly workouts, yes thats NEW workout routines every single week always providing variations in both training style and exercises to keep you motivated!
Whats even better is that it is also categorised for you in 4 different areas!


- Male weight loss training programs
- Male gain training programs 
- Female weight loss training programs 
- Female muscle/tone training programs 


Customers are charged a low monthly fee of ONLY $15aud ($3.75 p/w) with a cancel at anytime policy. Listed below is what you recieve by signing up!
Every Sunday of every week you will receive brand new training routines (5 days per week) in the category you have signed up for (listed above). Every week is a new program so you will never be following the same program twice! This not only keeps you motivated and accountable to your training but makes it FUN!
Programs are delivered via email and easily downloaded instantly to your phone. Only requirement is that you must be a member of a gym in order to follow the exercises. 

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