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8 Week Custom Diet

8 Week Weight Loss Program | Custom 8 Week Diet Meal Plan


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This package is for individuals who would prefer to stick to their own training routine and programs but need extra assistance when getting their diet on track!

A lot of the time, our diets are put on the back burner and simply not given the attention it needs. This is our usual downfall as it accounts for more than 70% of the progress we make!

Using this meal package, I take into account your goals, current food intake, energy expenditure along with many other aspects in order to create a perfectly tailored meal plan devised to give you the best results possible!

Here is what you receive:

  • 8 Weeks of my service
  • Weekly check-ins and alterations in relation to progress made
  • 24/7 access to contact me anywhere and at anytime
  • Macronutrient break downs and alterations
  • Supplement protocols
  • Food substitutions to prevent you getting stale of the same old foods